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Health, Safety & Environment

Shale Petroleum operates in compliance with government regulations and has established policies to guide our operations.  We are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of the employees and contractors who work for us.

Environmental Stewardship Policy

Environmental Stewardship is a key component of Shale Petroleum's values and business strategy. Environmental Stewardship means being responsible for the exploration and development of natural resources to ensure they are sustainably managed for current and future generations. Shale Petroleum will strive to manage and minimize the impact of its operations on the environment and thereby:

  • Make environmental stewardship a significant component of the corporate decision-making process.

  • Provide leadership and resources to allow employees and contractors to meet Shale Petroleum's commitment to environmental stewardship.

  • Develop and implement the Health, Safety and Environment management system with supporting programs and practices that are built on the concept of sustainable development.

  • Work cooperatively and in consultation with all stakeholders to develop plans and operations that reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship.

  • Apply economically viable, best-proven technology and management practices to advance environmental stewardship in our work.

  • Design, construct, operate, decommission and reclaim projects and facilities in compliance with applicable regulations and in a manner consistent with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

  • Respond promptly and effectively to emergencies to minimize adverse impacts.

  • Report annually to Shale Petroleum's senior management on the company's environmental performance.

Shale Petroleum believes that our interests and those of the communities in which we operate will best be served by effective stewardship of our shared environment.

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Safety is an integral part of the business of Shale Petroleum. Prevention of all incidents that may cause death, bodily harm, illness or property loss is highly important to Shale Petroleum. To fulfill this principle, the leadership of Shale Petroleum believes that:

  • No job is so urgent that it may be undertaken without identifying and controlling hazards and taking the precautions reasonable and practical under the circumstances, to manage operational risk and prevent injury or occupational illness.

  • All work activities undertaken at the direction or on behalf of Shale Petroleum will comply with all applicable Federal, Provincial and local laws and regulations.

  • All workers, contractors, consultants and suppliers engaged in the activities on behalf of Shale Petroleum will do everything reasonable and practicable to protect the health and safety of all individuals present at the worksite.

  • To ensure a safe, productive and respectful work environment at all worksites and for those doing work for Shale Petroleum off-site, the use, sale, transfer or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or substances, including non-prescription and prescription medications for uses other and the intended use, is strictly prohibited.

  • To ensure a respectful and productive workplace environment, harassment of any form will not be tolerated.

  • Shale Petroleum's health, safety and environmental management system provides a basis for the protection of all workers, visitors and members of the public at Shale Petroleum worksites. Shale Petroleum's Health, Safety and Environment management system is aligned with the industry standard of guiding principles for worker safety and is supported by Shale Petroleum's safe work procedures and codes of practice.

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